A quick post about a delivery I had yesterday By StarTrack, truly a delivery fail. I received a package yesterday from Ubiquiti… best place to leave it? Not on the door step but on the bottom of my driveway out of view of the house.

We are practicing social isolation as the NSW and Australia government is asking us to, as the delivery was on Friday evening chances that the next time we go down our driveway is when I go to work on Monday.

Here you can see how hard it would be for me to see this package from our house. I was lucky that I was in the 1 window visible.

And here is a video of the fail, two angles. You can see they don’t even pull over to the side of the road.

Finally… before I am excused of blaming the wrong company, here is a picture of the box showing that it was Star Track who delivered this package.

I get that in our COVID-19 times that you shouldn’t be knocking on the door and waiting for people to sign. But not evening coming up the driveway and leaving gear on the street is not cool!