Ubiquiti UniFi Protect Network Video Recorder… UNVR4 Review (Youtube)

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Ubiquiti UniFi Protect Network Video Recorder… UNVR4 Review (Youtube)

Good Afternoon,

Since some people get notifications when I post here I would keep posting even if it was just a link to my YouTube video.

Here is the Ubiquiti UniFi Protect Network Video Recorder that yesterday was officially launched. I was lucky enough to have had one I could review so that’s what I did.


Hi, I am planning a new project and I am in doubt about which product to choose for the installation. This include the possibility to implement other vendor but I love user interface of controller and new AR functionallity to enhanced customer experience but the question is: Is a good dessision to go with UniFi? Actually I amusing Unifi only for WiFi and I didn’t have any problem. Maybe EdgeMAX coul be better? I like new USW Pro switches and L3 capabilities projected as new functions.

In my new proyect in need to install about 120 switches distribuited in 7 branches. Switches are going to act as border and they work will be to manage VLANs, PoE, using same port for PC, VoIP phones and multiple VLANs for cameras, IoT, access controls and more. Honestrly I have doubt and I appreciate your experience, help o advice that you consider conveniente as ccould be to choose any other vendor.

Thanks in advanced.


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