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PI Stack – WiFi Tester… it grew!

Back in 2021 I posted the below link, 4x Raspberry Pi’s linked together to create a wifi tester. And it worked pretty well. Thought it wasn’t perfect. I fell short of what I really wanted which was a way of… Continue Reading →

Network racks, forgot beautiful. I want functional and tidy.

We’ve all seen the network racks showing perfectly run cables. Sites like Reddit or Twitter (#cableporn if the URL doesn’t work) use the phrase ‘Cable Porn’ to show them off, they look amazing and I wish I could have them…. Continue Reading →

Do you need a MacBook Pro anymore?

Everysince the M-Powered Mac’s came out, I’ve been blown away by their performance. For the last year I have been using a M1 Pro 16″ MBP and in that time I don’t think I’ve ever heard it’s fans come on…. Continue Reading →

Wireless upgrade 2022/23… Time for WiFi6E!* Part 1

Many of you will remember my articles from 5 years ago where I replaced the Aerohive wireless with Ubiquiti. At the time it was one of the largest rollouts in the Southern Hemisphere and despite a rocky start it was… Continue Reading →

I hate paper! Maintenance checklist gone digital!

For those who know me, I hate paper! It bugs me that in 2022 people still want to print everything under the sun. I’ve been in meetings referencing a digital copy on my iPad or MacBook and someone has offered… Continue Reading →

UPDATE – Confessions of an Apple Fanboy, Chapter 1 – The biggest reason I keep coming back… Support

In my first post in the series titled Confessions of an Apple Fanboy I spoke about support and how it is the biggest reason I keep getting Apple devices. I was going to post a small update on the bottom… Continue Reading →

Confessions of an Apple Fanboy, Chapter 1 – The biggest reason I keep coming back… Support

I’m often asked why I like Apple devices over others, and as you can see in other posts I have tried Android and Windows devices at times though I always end back on Apple devices. And I have a couple… Continue Reading →

Let’s play with Power Automate! And why not deep dive!

In 2020 while COVID was causing lockdowns and remote learning I was asked to take on a little project, it wasn’t even a project then. It was more of a “Can we do this?” A question that became a massive project. So what was that project? Could I create an approval process workflow that could handle our schools Professional Development requests?

Let’s build a Helpdesk Solution from scratch!

Earlier this year the school’s maintenance department came to me with a challenge. They wanted to replace their ageing Web Helpdesk set up with one that would allow for them to not just update how they handled tickets, but improve… Continue Reading →

Pi Wifi Testing stack… a first?

How do we test wireless for a classroom? The only way I have every been able to really test wireless has been to get a bunch of computers in a room and do some testing.

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