Ramblings of an IT Guy in Education


Term 3 MITIE Term Conference

Hosted at Canberra Grammar School, I will be doing a talk on Wireless/Wired Infrastructure… the value for money option talk. I will also be doing a small talk about Vivi, our Wireless Video Presenting solution that we use at Central Coast Grammar School.



EduTECH 2018 (June 2018)

Co-Presenting with David Soede, Director of ICT at Central Coast Grammar School

Day 2 @ 9:50 How Multi-screen Wireless Video Projection (WVP aka mirroring) is changing our learning practices and how we did it.

Recently Central Coast Grammar School deployed Wireless Video Projection to every one of their 100+ classrooms, including a world-first building renovation delivering high-density HD video streams to 40 screens from 40 different source devices simultaneously. This capability is a crucial enabling technology for Next Generation Learning Spaces and is changing teaching and learning practice across the school. However with the possibilities and potential comes perils and pitfalls . . .

  • Why simultaneous multi-screen WVP is so hard
  • How we built world-first Next Generation Learning Spaces with 40 x High-Def & High-Density WVP screens
  • How that changes teaching & learning practice (and why that matters)
  • Crucial aspects and features needed in the wireless / network / WVP platform / client device choices

2018 AIS ICT Management and Leadership Conference (May 2018)

See why CCGS decided to go Ubiquiti with their recent Wired and Wireless Research over the 2017 Christmas Break. Before the refresh CCGS had a mix of HP switches with Aerohive wireless, a range of different WAPs throughout the school and lacked the ideal 1 AP pre-room. We also had a bold desire to get 8 unique wireless HD video streams working in a room, this would be our biggest hurdle!

This talk will be about how I underwent the testing, quoting and planning of the project. Through to implementation and dealing with bugs.