Who am I? Why are you on this site? My name is David Nichols. I am extremely lucky to be married to an amazing wife who has given me two amazing children. But you won’t find posts about them here.

By day I am the ICT Operations Manager at Central Coast Grammar School on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW. My passion is not just technology… but also education. And bringing them together to provide amazing technology at a price so there is more money for the classroom.

I believe that technology should be like furniture, functional and stress free. Teachers don’t walk into classrooms wondering if their chair is going to break, they shouldn’t need to plan alternative lesson plans in case technology fails!

I am also currently on the Steering Committee of MITIE and have held the Vice President role in the past. The heart of MITIE is its very active forum where our community willingly and generously shares their expertise, experiences and ideas with the community. It also runs several Term Days throughout the year.

The intention of this site is to share what I have achieved or learned over my 18 years working in or for Education. Do I have all the answers? No. If something I mention here can be handled better please let me know, I am always up to learn and grow. Many thanks and feel free to leave constructive feedback or comments.

David Nichols

Disclaimer; Anything said on this site is my own opinion’s and not that any company or school that I mention. Any advice or information shared on this site is done so with the intent to provide an overall insight, I by no means claim I am an expert in subjects and check that any configurations mentioned here suite your environment before mirroring them.