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UBNT Infrastructure Part 7 – Core Cabling… a few changes

And we get to another issue that I had. It happened at 11 am around the second week of term, some of my core switches started dropping packets. While I had had other issues, it had been around 3 weeks since those issues and around 5 weeks since the core had been set up. And when I had had the other issues the core switches had not really been affected.

Figure 1 – Pinging XG16 switches and seeing packet loss.

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UBNT Infrastructure Part 6 – Routing table filling up

About two weeks after the core had been installed, I had gotten around and managed to install most of the other 45 switches, I then came across another issue. The biggest issue I could find is that I was getting bad network performance, and I was seeing that every now and then an EdgeSwitch would go ‘down’ for about thirty seconds or more.

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UBNT Infrastructure Part 5 – Replacing the PDC Core

So it had all be worked out. I had chosen the brand I would be using for my wired and wired replacement – check. I had chosen whether I would use EdgeSwitch or UniFi Switch – check. Now came the time to do the actual work. And surprisingly replacing a core switch is not a ten minutes job.

The start of this work took place in the lead up to the Christmas break. I had unpacked all the switches and configured them with generic settings like names, IP, VLANs, tagging etc. And on 8th of January, I would be installing the switches.

I was locked and loaded. And unprepared.

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Monitoring… eduitguy stack

From my early posts about my monitoring, several people came to me asking for more information about my monitoring solution, or stack. To answer that I should let you know how I got to use that solution. It is one thing to rattle off your current stack of software, I would rather show you how I came to that setup.