My belief with Education and Technology

My belief with Education and Technology

I have been working in education for the last 15 years. And one thing I have found throughout all of the schools I work on that their seems to be a drive to have amazing technology systems. Yet sometimes this comes at a huge cost… and I would rather that money is left in the classroom.

I truly believe there is a difference between the best Infrastructure for corporate and the best Infrastructure for education. And that sometimes buying the best solution for corporate could end up as being a waste of money for education.


I am the IT manager for a small town and I completely agree with your sentiment. While I work hard to give the City first-rate IT Systems, many times it is as important to find ways to save money for the rest of the budget. The number of full-time firefighters, police officers, 911 dispatchers, Street Division workers, etc. have all been reduced over the last 20 years because of budget cuts.

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